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Without further ado, here’s our Best Of Mom Hacks. Get ready to make your life a little bit easier.


Mom Hacks Vol. 11


#183 -An all-natural hack to prevent chafing when working out!

And this is our personal favorite organic extra-virgin coconut oil.

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#177 -A tech hack to speed up your old computer. Try an X-Tra PC Drive

mom hacks



#179 -The trick for cleaning your kids’ plastic toys.

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Mom Hacks Vol. 10


#182 -Steam your hard-cooked eggs for easy peeling.

Or, you can try this super cool hardboiled egg making hack!

mom hacks




#180 -Boost your mood by busting a move!

mom hacks



#178 -A genius pool noodle hack to keep kids from falling out of bed!

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#170 -How to turn an old smartphone into a DIY security or nursery camera!

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#167 -Save your eyes by lowering the brightness on your screens!

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Mom Hacks Vol. 9


#165 -The easy fix for cloudy glassware.

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#159 -Want the fix for puffy eyes? Sleep the ‘right’ way!

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#148 -Reduce fatigue and improve mood by getting in just 30 minutes of activity. You can do this!

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#146 -Wondering how long you have until dark? Try the finger hack!

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#145 -Start your day off on a productive note by making your bed!

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Mom Hacks Vol. 8:


#88 – The trick to cleaning a dirty ceiling fan! (Without getting dust all over the floor.)

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#129 – Five easy ways to boost your child’s vocabulary.

mom hacks



#132 – Side hustles to help moms earn a little extra cash.

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#135– The optimal way to study to retain more information!

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#140 – Try this easy scissor sharpening hack!

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Mom Hacks Vol. 7:


#87 – Positive phrases to try instead of “calm down!” (which rarely works) 

mom hacks



#119 – Got just a couple ingredients in your fridge? Try this easy dinner time hack!

mom hacks



#121 – Know where you’re going (even when you’re offline) with this Google map hack!

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#131 – Save your sanity with these easy-to-start efficiency habits!

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#133 – Make your own DIY inexpensive fruit scrub!

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Mom Hacks Vol. 6:


#83 –  Keep track of your luggage and your car with this travel hack!

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#85 – Protect your neck when doing sit-ups with this fitness hack.

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#114 – The trick for memorizing something new!

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#127 – The blister hack runners swear by!

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#130 – Cleaning hacks to make permanent marker less “permanent”.

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Mom Hacks Vol. 5:


#106 – Get a morning energy boost with this easy hack!

mom hacks



#108 – Five quick confidence boosting affirmations for your kids.

mom hacks



#109 – Use this organization hack to keep your entryway tidy.

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#111 – Save money grocery shopping with this cool trick!

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#112 – They’ll never know it wasn’t made from scratch with this baking trick.

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Mom Hacks Vol. 4:


#98 – Make pancakes for a crowd fast with this breakfast hack!

mom hacks



#99 – Use commercial breaks to your advantage with this exercise hack.

mom hacks



#101 – Get the whole fam talking with these dinner conversation starters.

mom hacks



#104 – Don’t flush money down the toilet – use this easy hack!

mom hacks



#105 – Save prep time during the week by doubling up your recipes!

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Mom Hacks Vol. 3:


#27 – Save big on car rentals at Costco!

mom hacks



#73 – Four positive parenting alternatives to negative language.

mom hacks



#76 – Money saving hack! Try the dime challenge.

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Craft Hack #77: Making a craft project out of wine corks?

Boil the corks in water for 10 minutes before use.

This will prevent them from crumbling or cracking if you cut or carve them.



Food Hack #84: 

If you need to soften butter fast, without melting it…pour boiling water into a glass.

When the glass gets warm, dump the water, deposit the butter, and flip over the glass. 

Voila! Butter soft enough to spread. 



Mom Hacks Vol. 2:


Parenting Hack #66:

Five strategies upset kids can use to help them calm down:

1. Count to 5.

2. Put your hands in your pockets.

3. Take deep breaths into your hands.

4. Make fists then shake them out.

5. Ask a loved one for a hug.



#54 – Beauty Hacks:

Make-up pro trick!

Apply foundation BEFORE concealer.

Otherwise, you’ll just remove it as you apply your base. Plus, if you apply foundation first, you wan’t have to use as much concealer.


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Food Hack #56:

Wanna know if those eggs in your fridge are still any good?

Drop em’ in a bowl of cold water!

Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, while bad eggs will float.



Cleaning Hack #67:

Got a dirty chopping board in your kitchen?

Use Kosher salt and lemons to clean it naturally without leaving any chemicals!

Because you don’t want nasty chemicals getting into your food. Blech.



Study Hack #44:

Want to improve your studying?

Try color coding!

Take notes using different colored pencils. It’ll help you retain the information.



Mom Hacks #45:

Some alternate positive parenting language:

Instead of saying ______ Try saying_____.

1. “Stop hitting!” TRY “Please keep your hands to yourself.”

2. “Don’t get upset!” TRY “It’s OK to feel that way, but let’s try___”.

3. “I can’t hear you!” TRY “Please speak more clearly”.

4. “Quit whining!” TRY “Please use your regular voice”.



Money Saving Hack #76: 

The family dime challenge!

Grab a 2 liter bottle and put EVERY dime you get or find into the bottle. (Kids are great at this).

When the bottle is full, you will have saved approx. $700. 

Family vacation…here we come!




Mom Hacks Vol. 1:

Travel Hack #97:

Try this luggage hack!

Mark your baggage as FRAGILE. This is a good way to make sure it gets handled properly.

They’ll also keep your bag at the top, which means it will be one of the first bags on the conveyor belt when you land.

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#Cleaning Hack #39:

Got a shirt with underarm sweat stains?

Try the lemon trick!

Mix equal parts lemon juice and warm water. Scrub the stains, let the solution sit until color is restored, then wash.

Voila! The stains are gone.

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Beauty Hack #96:

Quick beauty boost!

Mix a little peppermint oil into your lip gloss to give your lips more of a plumped up look.

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Health Hack #43:

Choose the right tea for you!

Green – Inhibits cancer growth and aides in weight loss.

Oolong – Improves weak kidney and spleen energy, controls obesity.

Black – Protection from aging and environmental effects, reduces cholesterol.

Puerh – Aides digestion and dieting. Known for detoxing.

Rooibos – Maintains healthy skin, teeth, and bones. Reduces stress.

Mint – Aides in digestion, relieves nausea. Helps headaches associated with menstrual cramps.

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Food Hack #42:

Do your kids love chicken nuggets?

Keep them warm all day at school using a thermos!

bake the nuggets, then place them in a thermos with a paper towel at the bottom. It will absorb any excess moisture. 

The nuggets will stay warm for 5-6 hours!

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Travel Hack #34:

Packing for a trip?

Put your shoes inside an old shower cap!

The plastic will cover the soles and prevent them from getting your clothes all dirty.

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Organization Hack #95:

Tank tops taking over your drawer?

Organize them with this clever trick!

Grab a hanger and a package of shower curtain rings. Adhere rings to the hanger and drop the straps of your tank tops through the rings before closing.

Voila! Tank tops all in one neat place and out of your drawer.

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