On those super hectic days, don’t you wish you had some time-saving tricks up your sleeve to make things more efficient? And make YOU feel calmer to boot?! 

That’s we’re always on the lookout for new parenting hacks; to help make the hardest job in the world a little bit easier.

We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re always on the lookout for ways to get things done more efficiently.

Work smarter, not harder is a mantra we take seriously. Especially when you’re a mom, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

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We gathered up our favorite parenting tips and tricks other moms swear by, and share them here to make your life a little bit easier.  


Parenting Hacks


#402 – Four simple steps for teaching your child to tell time with a clock.

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#381 – 4 steps for teaching your child how to make a meaningful apology.

Parenting tips



#311 – Here’s a little trick to help cut down on the sibling rivalry in your house. 

Parenting Hacks



#290 – Want to raise an adventurous eater?  Let them play with their food!

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#276 – Take your kids to visit a rest home and chat with seniors! They’ll make someone’s day, and get a lot out of the experience.

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#255 – Five quick parenting tips for busy moms!

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#248 – Three easy ways to boost your kids’ confidence!

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#241 – Need help with let-down when pumping away from home? Try this breastfeeding trick!

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#234 – Looking for some family fun that won’t break the bank? Try these fun and inexpensive activities!

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#227 – Parenting hacks: 5 phrases to encourage kids with school and learning by praising the process.

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#220 – Help an anxious child feel connected when they go back to school.

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#213 – One of our favorite parenting hacks! Easy to make no-slip socks for active toddlers.

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#206 – Helpful parenting advice: make getting ready faster with the toddler choice trick.

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#199 – Awesome mom hacks: Cool down hot car seats with this easy trick!

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#192 – Try this 4-step positive parenting trick to get kids to listen!

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#185 – Teach your kids that experiences are worth more than stuff.

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#178 – Keep kids from rolling out of bed with this easy parenting hack! 

Grab some pool noodles HERE.



#171 – A little parenting advice, prepare your toddler for chores. 



#164 – Some fun summer activities you can enjoy with your kids! (That cost next to nothing)

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#157 – Try this cool indoor pool toddler play-space hack!

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#150 -Keep your carpets clean with this baby stroller wheels hack!

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#143 -Buy two of your child’s favorite toy and avoid future meltdowns.



#136 – Some low-cost but totally fun summer family activities!

And here’s all you’ll need to make a time capsule, draw sidewalk art, or launch an epic water balloon fight! 


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#129 – Tips to boost your child’s vocabulary. (They won’t even know you’re doing it).



#122 – Add a timer to your routine to make bedtime easier.

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#115 – Baby sleep hack! Put something in the crib that smells like you.

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#108 – Positive parenting: Confidence boosting affirmations for your child!

Check out: I Believe In Myself! – mindful mantras for kids

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#101 – Dinner table conversation starters to make your next family meal fun!


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#94 – Some helpful mom hacks for handling difficult toddler behavior. 


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#87 – Try these positive parenting phrases instead of “calm down!”

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#80 – Parenting hacks: Five simple ways to be a more positive mom.

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#73 – Alternative language you can try to spin a negative phrase into a positive one.


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#66 – Tricks you can teach your kids to help them calm down.

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#59 – Parenting hack for little ones that are always pulling off their diaper!

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#52 – Try these positive parenting phrases and watch your child’s confidence soar!

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#45 – Some positive parenting alternate language to try.

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More Parenting Tips and Tricks


Parenting Hacks #38

Positive parenting: 5 ways to ask a question without blame.

1. Can you tell me about it?

2. How did it happen?

3. Can you help me understand?

4. Can we figure out a way to solve this?

5. What can we do to help?



Parenting Hacks #31

Positive parenting – 3 easy tips for better behavior:

1.Spend one-on-one time with each child daily. You’ll see an improvement with 10-15 minutes of undivided attention a day.

2. Be sure kids get enough sleep. Well rested translates to well-behaved.

3. Focus on routines. Kids thrive with set morning and bedtime routines!



Parenting Hacks #24

5 easy ways to bond with your kids:

1. Read a chapter book series together.

2. Plan a family movie night. 

3. Go on a family picnic. Have the kids help make the food.

4. Get out the crayons and markers and draw together.

5. Go on a weekend family road trip. Have the kids help plan the stops.



Parenting Hacks #17

Want to create a keepsake your child will treasure?

When your kids are born, reserve a special email address for each of them. Throughout their school years email them notes, photos, etc.

Then give them the password to the account on their 18th birthday. Instant time capsule of memories!



Parenting Hacks #10

Seven positive things you can say instead of “No!”

1. That doesn’t work for me.

2. Tell me more.

3. I can help you.

4. Let’s try something different.

5. Let’s think about this.

6. Here’s another way you can try.

7. I want to hear your idea.



Parenting Hacks #3

Seven positive parenting phrases to say instead of “Stop Crying!”?

1. It’s okay to be sad.

2. I’m here with you.

3. I’ll help you work it out.

4. I hear you.

5. It doesn’t feel fair.

6. That was really scary.

7. Tell me all about it.


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