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Mom Hacks: Health and Fitness Shortcuts


Mom Shortcut #190 – Try yoga inversion poses to relieve headaches!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #183 – A natural hack to prevent chafing during hot workouts!

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Mom Shortcut #176 – Make going to the gym exciting again with this hack.

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Mom Shortcut #169 – Try this snack hack to help you stick to your healthy eating goals.

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Mom Shortcut #162 – Ditch diet soda to help LOSE weight!

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Mom Shortcut #155 – The surprising cure for bloat? Drink more water!

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Mom Shortcut #148 – Reduce fatigue and improve mood by getting in just 30 minutes of activity. You can do this!

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Mom Shortcut #141 – For healthier teeth…wait to brush!

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Mom Shortcut #134 – Make your office time healthier!

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Mom Shortcut #127 – The trick runners use to handle blisters.

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Mom Shortcut #120 – Feeling sore? Try a little tart cherry juice!

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Mom Shortcut #113 – Five easy health habits you can start today.

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Mom Shortcut #106 –Try this morning energy boost!

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Mom Shortcut #99 – No time to exercise? Put those commercials to work!

Mom Hacks


Mom Shortcut #92 – Five Healthy habits you can start today!


Mom Shortcut #85 – The sit-up trick!


Mom Shortcut #78 – Five easy health habits to start today!


Mom Shortcut #71 – Want to reach your fitness goals? Try visualization!


Mom Shortcut #64 – Try exercising outdoors for a mental boost!


Mom Shortcut #57 – A natural home remedy for diaper rash!


Mom Shortcut #50 – Trying to crush a fitness goal? Tell people about it!!


Mom Shortcut #43 – Tea has so many health benefits!


Mom Shortcut #36 – Grab an orange before hitting the gym!


Mom Shortcut #29 – Buddy up at the gym for more consistent workouts!


Mom Shortcut #22 – Are you guilty of sitting all day?


Mom Shortcut #15 – Want to lose belly fat?


Mom Shortcut #8 – Want to burn the most calories in the least amount of time?

mom hacks: health and fitness shortcuts


Mom Shortcut #1 – Wondering what to do with that germy sponge?

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