TGIF Ladies! On Fridays we share new beauty and self care ideas because nothing starts the weekend off better than a little pampering.

Everyone needs a break now and then, especially the people who are always taking care of someone else!

We’re looking at you moms.

It’s important to take a little “me time” now and then to recharge your batteries. That way you have the energy (and patience) to take on the difficult job of raising tiny humans.

Every day we share useful life hacks and tips on the topics that matter most to you: fitness and health hacks, tech and study hacks, parenting hacks, cleaning and organization hackstravel and money saving hacksfood and home hacks

So whether you need a few new makeup tricks, or some ideas for how to unwind and relax… we’ve got you covered.



Beauty And Self Care Ideas


#404 – want soft, smooth lips? Here’s an easy all-natural lip buffer you can make at home!

Don’t have raw cane sugar in your pantry?  You can find it HERE.


self care ideas



#285 – Seven great self care tips for busy moms!

self care ideas


#257 – Get shiny hair by using this apple cider vinegar hack!

self care ideas



#250 – Taking care of your relationship is a form of self care. Here’s 5 little things you can for your partner.

self care ideas



Mom Shortcut #243 – Five easy self care tips for moms.

self care ideas



#236 – Beauty hack! How to make your own natural sea salt scrub right at home.

self care ideas



#229 – Protect your hair when swimming from chlorine and salt damage with this little trick!

self care ideas



#222 – Want glowing skin? Try this easy DIY yogurt face mask you can do at home!

self care ideas



#215 – Self care ideas: sleep better with this aromatherapy trick!

self care ideas



#208 – Beauty hack! The right way to apply foundation.

self care ideas



#201 – Self care ideas: boost your mood with a little ‘forest bathing’.

self care ideas



#194 – Sleep better with this nighttime hack! Make it part of your self care plan.

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#187 – Self care ideas: try this easy wellness trick to decrease anxiety and improve digestion!

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#180 – Decrease anxiety and improve wellbeing with this easy self-care hack!

self care hack



#173 – Sleep better and stress less! We’re adding this trick to our self care list.



#166 –Easy ways to boost your self confidence!self care ideas



#159 – Want the fix for puffy morning eyes? Sleep the ‘right’ way!



#152 – More self care ideas: try this morning energy trick!



#145 – Start your day off on a productive note by making your bed!

self care ideas



#138 – Stretch before bed to sleep better!



#131 – Five easy sanity saving habits for moms. Add em’ to your self care plan.



#124 – Turn your glossy lipstick into long-lasting matte.


#117 – One of  our favorite self care ideas: Treat your feet while you sleep!

beauty hacks and self care



#110 – Simple beauty hacks: the cure for puffy eyes.

self care ideas



#103 – Don’t throw away that foundation because it’s too dark!

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#96 – Want plumped up looking lips? Peppermint oil baby!

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#89 – Five self care ideas to nourish your soul.

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#82 – Five ideas for social self care.

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Also In Beenke: Why Moms Need Their Girlfriends Now More Than Ever


#75 – Self care ideas for those really rough days.

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#68 – Self care tips: relax with aromatherapy!

self care ideas



#61 – Self care ideas: helping others helps you!



#54 – Foundation before concealer….WOW, mind blown!

self care ideas



#47 – Want to make your candles burn longer?

self care ideas



#40 – Want to make a warm bath even better?

self care ideas



#33 – Self care ideas for when you’re feeling a little anxious and stressed out.

self care ideas



#26 – Are you guilty of going to bed with your makeup on?

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More Beauty And Self Care


Beauty Hack #19

Looking a little tired?

Instantly make your eyes look more awake by lining the inner rim of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil. 

Not only will this trick brighten your eyes, it also makes you look wide-eyed and younger. 



Self Care #12

Do you love the smell of Pottery Barn?

Grab some lemon juice, vanilla extract, and rosemary…. throw them in a crockpot.

Add a little water, turn it on low and wait for the magic. You r entire home will smell lovely, but not overpowering.



Self Care #5

Want your home to smell delicious?

Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans.

The warmth of the candles will heat the coffee beans and make your house smell like french vanilla coffee.



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