About Us

Beenke is the ultimate shortcut for moms!

A mom’s job is constantly evolving. She doesn’t have time to waste searching for the answers she needs. We get it! We’re moms too, and we know that no two days are ever the same. They don’t call this the hardest job in the world for nothing!

That’s why we don’t mess around with stuff moms don’t care about. We cover your needs and interests – parenting, news updates, family products, health, relationships, DIY, things to do, education, and more, and we leave out the noise and distractions. Plus, we make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Our categories are clear, our navigation simple, and we don’t bury the answers in some long-winded article… cuz’ who’s got time for that?

Beenke brings you the information, ideas, tools, and advice you need (in an easily digestible format) so you can get it, and get on with your day. Our content is honest, helpful, and real – handpicked by a team of dedicated women and delivered to you with love… to help simplify your family life.

Our Story

“I had no idea how hard this whole parenting thing was actually going to be. I’ve run several successful businesses, so I figured I was ready for anything…but then Nicholas came along, and my whole world was turned upside down.

Don’t get me wrong; my son is truly the light of my life. He is amazing, creative, and sweet, but he can also be quite challenging. He’s been diagnosed with a SPD (sensory processing disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). As you can imagine, things get pretty crazy around here!

On “bad” days, I’ve cried, yelled, and even questioned my own abilities as a mother. I’ve also spent countless hours online, looking for answers, advice, or any nugget of wisdom I could use to help me be a better mom. Anything! Add to this the fact I was running a business and trying to maintain some semblance of romance with Nicholas’ dad, and I literally thought I was going to break.

Then, I had my A-Ha! moment…what if I could create a business that would help me become a better mother in the process? What if I could help other women who are struggling with the same issues that I am? What if I could build the type of online platform I needed when Nicholas was born?

And that’s why we created Beenke. Because moms, we’re all in this together.”

-Corie Kison, Founder and CEO-

Our Mission

To be the ultimate shortcut for moms and caregivers everywhere.

Our Values

We are dedicated to helping moms. We care about the health, safety, and happiness of our children. We are supportive and positive. We believe in leveraging technology to save time and money. We share. We give back. We value our family, friends, and our team at Beenke.

Our Channels

Beenke Lifestyle – Our beenke.com lifestyle brand gives moms (and dads) all the parenting news, information, tools, and services they need to simplify their family life. Each one of our lifestyle channels focuses on an area of concern for moms. Our channels include:

  • Beenke Answers (responses to common family questions)
  • Education (school and learning tips for kids)
  • Health and Relationships
  • Mom Review (product reviews from fellow moms like yourself)
  • Parenting (tips and information)
  • Pregnancy (for our moms-to-be)
  • Our Picks (Beenke’s favorite toys, apps, books, blogs and products)
  • Updates (the latest parenting news and ideas from around the web)

Our Team

Corie Kison, Founder & CEO:

Corie is a digital media veteran and the serial entrepreneur behind Beenke. She is also mom to “the cutest little handful on the planet”, named Nicholas. Corie spends countless hours researching technology and ideas to make life better for mothers everywhere.

Selena Nutter, Co-Founder & Managing Editor:

Selena likes words, a lot. Some might say she’s a little bit obsessed. When she’s not editing, writing or researching articles for Beenke, she spends time vying for the title of world’s greatest aunt (she’s hoping there’s a crown). Selena has also been Corie’s close friend for over fifteen years.

Both Corie and Selena are firm believers in the awesome power of women helping women. Every day they work together to make Beenke a place where moms can come to get the support, ideas, and inspiration they need. Welcome, and enjoy!