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How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Imagine this, you're out running errands when you start to see the warning signs; tense posture, whining, heavy breathin...

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Why Create The Ultimate Shortcut For Moms?
She’s Busy

A mom’s job is constantly evolving. She doesn’t have time to waste searching for the answers she needs. Beenke gets it! We’re moms too, and we know that no two days are ever the same. They don’t call parenting the hardest job in the world for nothing!

She Wants Quality

And what if you need a product recommendation? Are you looking for an age-appropriate children’s book? An infant car seat for a small car? Skill-building toys? We give you the lowdown on all our favorites in Beenke’s “Our Picks” channel. You can also find what products other moms think are a “must have” or a “total waste” in Mom Review Crew. Finding quality family products has never been easier!.

She Wants A Parenting Partner

That’s why at Beenke, we don’t mess around with stuff moms don’t care about. We cover your needs and interests – parenting, pregnancy, news updates, family products, shopping, health, relationships, education, and more, and we leave out the noise and distractions. Plus, we make it easy to find what you’re looking for with our simple design and clear organization.

She Wants To Feel Connected

What if you just need a little parenting advice or support from other moms? Check out Beenke’s online mom community where you can ask questions, vent, share stories and get encouragement on this crazy journey. Trust us, if you’re going through something there’s another mom out there who’s been through the same thing with their child. Tap into their knowledge!

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We also know that moms love to shop and find deals on quality products from brands they know and trust. That’s why we created CashMamas by Beenke. We’ve partnered with over 2,400 of your favorite retailers so you can get discount offers and earn cash back on your online purchases. Kids are expensive! Why not earn a little cash back when you shop?

She Needs Beenke

At Beenke, we believe in positive parenting and the power of moms helping other moms. We bring you the information, ideas, tools, and advice you need (in an easily digestible format) so you can get it, and get on with your day. Our content is honest, helpful, and real – handpicked by a team of dedicated women and delivered to you with love. Parenting just got a little bit easier.