Kids aren’t the only ones who should be having fun this summer. Mom and dad deserve a little playtime too!

All couples need the occasional parents’ date night (or day) to relax and reconnect.


The National Marriage Project reports that couples who plan weekly alone time are 3.5 times more likely to report being “very happy” in their marriages when compared to couples that don’t.


Take full advantage of the warmer weather by planning something fun outside!

Are you a little rusty in the date department? No worries. We’ve put together a list of a dozen romantic suggestions to inspire you.

So call the babysitter, grab your partner, and get ready for a little summer lovin’ with these hot date ideas.


14 Fun Date Ideas For Summer


1. Have A Picnic

Nothing says summer like a romantic picnic at the park or beach.

Go the traditional route for some serious romantic cred. Grab a checkered blanket, an old-school picnic basket, and some wine and goodies to share.

Get ready to cuddle up and enjoy the perfect lazy afternoon.


2. Go For Ice Cream

Kids don’t get to have all the fun. Grab your favorite grown-up and head to your local ice cream parlor for a sweet date you’ll both love.

Sprinkles are an added bonus.


3. Food Truck Fun

Craving grilled cheese, BBQ, tacos, dumplings…. Or all of the above? Get your grub on with fun food truck date!

Most cities have special food truck nights or events where you can sample all the local goodies.

Use a free app like Roaming Hunger or Street Food Finder to locate trucks near you.


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4. Outdoor Movies

Here’s another one of our favorite hot date ideas…why not grab a blanket, a candle, and some summer cocktails and head to a local outdoor movie night?

You can cuddle together under the stars and watch a cinema classic.

Many cities host summer movie programs in parks and other outdoor venues. Check your local city listings to find an outdoor movie event near you.


5. Summer Wine Tasting

Why not head to a local winery or wine shop and do a summer wine tasting?

You can sip something cool and refreshing, like champagne or a rose.

Flirting with your sweetie over a glass of bubbly makes for a perfect summer afternoon.


6. Rent A Tandem Bike

If you want a more active style date, why not hit up a local bike shop and rent a bicycle built for two?

Cruise around town or along the beach with your partner on a cute tandem bike. Spend quality time together while burning a few calories to boot.


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7. His & Hers Cool Massages

Picture this…empty house, full ice cube tray, scented massage oil, and a sensual rubdown from the person you love.

Take turns giving each other massages and let the relaxation seep into every muscle.


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8. Berry Picking

Lots of local farms allow you to come in and pick your own berries during summer. Why not spend an afternoon picking your favorite?

Here’s the best part… you can cap off the evening by making a yummy, romantic dessert to share out of the berries you picked yourselves.

Strawberry shortcake? Boysenberry cobbler? Yes please!


9. Grown-Up Game Night

Here’s one of our favorite seriously hot date ideas. If you’ve got the house to yourselves, take advantage by setting up a grown-up game night.

Light some candles, pour a little vino, and play your favorite card or board game, adult-style.

You can try a (slightly) naughty box card game like Talk, Flirt, Dare. Or stick with an adult classics like strip poker.

You can also grab a regular game and set your own steamy rules, like loser has to kiss the winner anywhere they want. Who says Monopoly can’t be foreplay?


10. Romantic Sunset and Stargazing

Find a secluded spot with a view, set out a blanket and watch the sunset. Once the stars come out, make a wish together.

You can also search for constellations and identify them using a star app.

Feel free to engage in a little kissing between star sightings.


11. Go Kayaking

Why not add a little adventure to your dating life? If you live near an ocean, river, or lake…rent some kayaks and hit the water together!

You’ll have fun and have some great stories to tell afterwards.

Pro-tip, try bringing along a little wine in a mason jar (if it’s not too choppy). You can paddle and sip away the afternoon.


12. Hit Up A Hotel Or Spa Pool

Lots of swanky hotels and spas offer affordable day passes to their pool area.

Why not spend a lazy, relaxing day lounging poolside with your love?

It’s a romantic way for the two of you to stay cool on a hot summer day.


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13. Make An Outdoor Brunch Date

Get to a restaurant early so you can snag a spot on the patio, preferably one with an amazing view.

Or if you’re in the mood to stay in, make your own mimosas and coffee at home.

Set up a table outside and dine al fresco. You can even keep your cozy PJs on.


14. Outdoor Concerts

Many cities offer outdoor concerts during the summer months at parks, beaches, museums, and other cool venues.

Many events allow you to bring in your own food and wine. Plus you get to appreciate how good live music sounds under the stars.

Google “outdoor summer concerts” in your local city or county. You might be surprised by some of the cool options you find! 


Did any of our hot date ideas inspire you? We hope so!

Try one out this week, and spark a little a summer romance with your partner. You’ll be glad that you did!


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