We’ve heard all the excuses…too busy, too tired, no sitter, no money, no time; but we’re here to tell you, having a regular parents date night is important! 

And we’re betting that by the time you get to the bottom of this article, you’ll agree.

Because whether you’ve been together one year or ten, all couples need some quality one-on-one time to reconnect, recharge, and keep the relationship fresh.

Regular parent date nights can help make that happen.

Pretty much any relationship expert you talk to is going to place “togetherness time” high on their list of attributes for a successful loving bond.

A Report released by The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, suggests that date night fosters more stable marriages.


“Spouses who experience couple time are less likely to report that they are prone to divorce.”  – The National Marriage Project Report


Still not convinced? Here are four solid reasons why mom and dad need to plan a parents date night.


4 Reasons You Need Parents Date Night


1. Spark Romance  

Parents date night is a great opportunity to rekindle the feelings of romance in your relationship.

And no, this isn’t silly. What makes date night special isn’t a set activity, it’s really the intention with which you approach the evening that matters.

Parents date night is a state of mind!

It’s a chance to go back to flirting. A chance to see the person sitting next to you as your ‘honey’, and not just the person you change diapers with.

Date night is a chance to remember why you fell in love in the first place. When times get tough, you’re going to need to remember those reasons to survive as a couple.


2. Build Connection

Parents date night is a chance to spend time communicating about things other than the kids, in order to deepen your understanding and appreciation of one another.


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Date night is a chance to build intimacy and remain close to your partner by sharing your experiences and dreams.


3. Show Commitment

You demonstrate what you value by where you spend your time.


By setting aside special time as a couple, you are showing that the relationship is worth prioritizing.


Plus, taking some time to come up with romantic date ideas gets your head out of the parenting game for a bit.

Date night helps couples maintain a sense of togetherness beyond the family, which will be even more important as your kids grow up and become independent.


Why You need a parents date night
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4. Break Routine

Let’s face it, things that are routine become dull and uninteresting. You don’t want your relationship to fall into this trap.

Couples that engage in fun dates and new activities together enjoy higher levels of relationship quality.

The National Marriage Project Report shows that couples who plan weekly alone time are 3.5 times more likely to report being “very happy” in their marriages when compared against couples that don’t.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan a parents date night already!

Are you and your partner a little rusty in this area?  That’s okay, we can help. Here’s some tips to make date night happen.


Parents Date Night: How To Get Started


1. Schedule it

You might equate romance with spontaneity, but come on…you know you’re busy, and if you don’t mark it on the calendar it won’t get done.

So plan it out, no excuses.


2. Make It A Tech-Free Zone  

Nothing kills parents date night faster than emails from work, or texts from the kids asking if they can have a cookie.

So make it a rule that date night is a tech-free zone (no laptops, no phones, no phubbing). This way you can focus on each other.


3. Get Out Of The House

It may be tempting to try and schedule a “date” at home, but somehow the kids, the chores, the job, etc. will sabotage your alone time.

You know this is true. So get out!

Even if it’s only for a nice quiet dinner at your favorite local restaurant, that hour or two alone to de-stress and reconnect is precious. Don’t lose it.


4. Get Dressed

This is a date after all, so act like it.

Get out of the yoga pants and stained sweatshirt and put a little effort into your appearance (both of you).

It changes the mood of the evening from ordinary to special, and helps create a more romantic atmosphere.


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