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Mom Hacks: Food and Crafts Shortcuts


Mom Shortcut #224 –  Satisfy a meatloaf craving fast with this easy food hack!

food hacks



Mom Shortcut #217 –  No more brown apple slices come lunch-time with this hack!

food hacks



Mom Shortcut #210 –  Get organized with this craft hack!

craft hack



Mom Shortcut #203 –  Try this tea-infusion hack to boost the flavor of your favorite grains!

food hacks



Mom Shortcut #196 –  Don’t throw away fresh herbs…use this hack instead!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #189 –  Wanna know how to make the best roasted veggies? Use this little trick!

mom hacks




Mom Shortcut #175 –  The trick for making easy to peel hard-cooked eggs!

mom hacks


Mom Shortcut #175
 –  make your own DIY smartphone stand with this hack!

mom shortcuts



Mom Shortcut #168 –  The trick to making perfect crispy bacon without a greasy mess.

mom shortcuts



Mom Shortcut #161 –  The dental floss kitchen hack!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #154 –  Clean up a glittery mess easy with this cleaning hack! 

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #147 –  For those nights when cooking at home just ain’t gonna happen…be ready to eat out at a moment’s notice!  

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #140 –  Scissor sharpening hack…use sandpaper!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #133 –  Easy homemade fruit scrub!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #126 –  Shred chicken or pork in no time!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #119 –  Wondering what to cook for dinner? Problem solved!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #112 –  They’ll think its straight from the bakery with this cake mix hack!

mom hacks



Mom Shortcut #105 –  Save time in the kitchen with the double recipe trick.

mom hack



Mom Shortcut #98 – Make pancakes for your whole crew!



Mom Shortcut #91 – Hey knitters…try the binder clip trick!


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Mom Shortcut #84 – The trick to softening butter without melting it.



Mom Shortcut #77 – DIY hack! Boil those wine corks before starting your craft project.



Mom Shortcut #70 – Make your own healthy banana “ice cream”!



Mom Shortcut #63 – Measure sticky ingredients without getting stuck!



Mom Shortcut #56 – Don’t be a bad egg! (Don’t eat one either)



Mom Shortcut #49 – Keep your bananas from turning brown.



Mom Shortcut #42 – A hot homemade lunch at school!



Mom Shortcut #35 – Don’t you hate it when you crack eggs and the shell bits get in the bowl?



Mom Shortcut #28 – Have you tried the small plate trick?



Mom Shortcut #21 – A great breakfast time saver!



Mom Shortcut #14 – Keep your kid’s lunch cold without blue ice

mom hacks: food and crafts shortcuts



Mom Shortcut #7 – Looking for a naturally sweet snack for kids?

food and crafts shortcuts



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