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Get ready to remove grime, dust, declutter and organize your entire home. 



Cleaning and Organization Hacks


#361 – The trick for dusting furniture the right way!

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#333 – The trick for removing soap scum from bathroom counters and tile.

cleaning and organization hacks



#319 – The trick for getting lipstick stains off your clothes!

cleaning and organization hacks



#277 – is your child’s lunchbox smelling pretty funky?  Here’s the trick for getting the odor out!

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#256 – Got a carsick kid? Here’s the cleaning hack you need to know! 

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#249 – Use this clever cleaning hack to remove mold from bathroom caulk!

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#242 – The trick for removing water rings from wooden surfaces!

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#235 – An easy recipe for a natural DIY shower and tub cleaner without the nasty chemicals!

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#228 – Get fresher tasting coffee by cleaning your coffee maker with this easy hack!

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#221 – Remove crusty baked-on food from your stovetop with this cleaning hack!

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#214 – Office organization hacks: Try this easy desk organization trick!

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#207 – Make your own DIY natural air freshener with this easy hack!

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#200 – Remove rust stains with this easy hack!

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#193 – Make your own natural all-purpose cleaner!

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#186 – Clean faux wood furniture like a pro with this easy hack!

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#179 – Try this trick to clean toys and other plastics.



#172 – Organization hacks: Keep toys tidy with this clever storage idea!



#165 – The easy fix for cloudy glassware.

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#158 – The squeegee shower hack!

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#151 – Remove rust stains with this simple hack!

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#144 – Organization hacks: no more missing socks! Mesh laundry bags are a genius sock saving trick. 



#137 – Organization hacks: how to get ready for a major cleaning and organizing spree.



#130 – How to remove permanent marker from everything.

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#123 – Organization hacks: Save time on laundry! Try this cool laundry basket trick.

laundry basket organization hack



#116 – Use peppermint oil as a natural (safe) way to get rid of spiders and mice.

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#109 – Organization hacks: use bins to organize your entryway! It’s a great solution for kids running in and outdoors.

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#102 – Get ready to degrease your whole kitchen!

Try a lightweight bath and body oil… you may already have some your bathroom!

cleaning and organization hacks



#95 – Organization hacks: too many tank tops taking over your drawers? Try the shower curtain ring trick to get em’ organized!

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#88 – Ceiling fan cleaning hack…try the pillow case trick!

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#81 – Clean that greasy grill with this clever hack! Dawn is a miracle worker.



#74 – Using hair conditioner on your car…who knew??




#67 – Get that chopping board clean – without chemicals!

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#60 – Easily pick up little bits of broken glass…making it safe to walk for little bare feet!

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#53 – Clean your microwave easily, without harmful chemicals!



#46 – Got baked-on stains happening? Get that oven clean!

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#39 – Trying to get rid of underarm stains? Now you know the trick!

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More Cleaning and Organizing Tips


Organization Hack #32

Are your kids always using new cups? Try this easy trick!

Get em’ a cute cup in their favorite color, glue a magnet to the back of it, and stick it on the fridge. 

Not only does this mean less dishwashing, but cups can be kept at kid-level where they’re easy to reach.



Cleaning Hack #25

Notice a weird smell around your kitchen sink?

It’s probably your garbage disposal.

Cut up a lemon and run a couple of small slices through the disposal. The bad smell will disappear!



Cleaning Hack #18

Did you shrink a shirt or sweater in the dryer?

Put the shrunken item in a bowl of ice water with a cup of hair conditioner!

Yup, the kind you use in the shower. It will restore the garment to its normal size.



Cleaning Hack #11

Is your furniture covered in toddler crumbs?

Use a lint roller for dusting!

These bad boys will pick up cracker crumbs, cereal dust, pet hairs, and all kinds of little bits from couches, lampshades, chair cushions… you name it!



Cleaning Hack #4

Potty training? Here’s how you can easily remove pee stains from a mattress without chemicals.

Add the following ingredients to a spray bottle:

  • 8 oz. hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 drop natural dishwashing liquid
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil (optional)

Mix, but don’t shake too hard! (or it will bubble over). 

Spray on your child’s mattress and watch the stains magically disappear!


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