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We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re always on the lookout for ways to get things done more efficiently.

Work smarter, not harder is a mantra we take seriously. Especially when you’re a mom or a student, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

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Tech and Study Hacks


#254 – Want to teach your child coding basics? Check out this free app!

study hacks



#247 – Who needs 3 x 5 cards to when you have clever study hacks like this!

study hacks



#240 – Make screen time learning time with these fun and free websites for kids!

study hacks



#233 – A couple of useful school apps…for parents! Because mom and dad need help too. 

study hacks



#226 – Study better with one of our favorite study hacks for exams!

study hacks



#219 – Help your child focus on their studies with this homework hack!

study hacks



#212 – Improve your next essay with this Google study hack!

study hacks



#205 – Use this cool recommendation engine to find your new favorite band!

study hacks



#198 – Find reliable WiFI when you’re on the go!

study hacks



#191 – Protect your data by deleting your old online accounts.

study hacks



#184 – The trick to estimating how long a book will take! Make it one of your new study techniques.

mom shortcuts




#177 – Speed up an old computer with this easy hack.

study hacks



#170 – Turn your old smartphone into a DIY security camera with this tech hack!

study hacks



#163 – How Alexa can help you find your lost phone.

mom shortcut



#156 – Draw a diagram to improve memory!

mom hacks




#149 – More study hacks to help you do better on your next exam!

mom hack



#142 – Find free WiFi on the go!

mom hacks



#135 – Retain more information with this memory and study hack!

mom hacks



#128 – Save time! Use the TLDR extension for a quick synopsis of online articles. 

mom hacks



#121 – Access Google maps offline so you can get where you’re going, even without a signal.

mom hacks



#114 – Study hacks! Use the 10-10-2 trick to memorize something.

mom hacks



#107 – Your LEGO figure can keep your charging cords organized!

mom hacks



#100 – Build good study habits: Regularly scheduled homework time helps train your child’s brain to learn! 



#93 – Instant DIY speakers for your next impromptu dance party!


#86 – Hooray! No more tangled earbuds!



#79 – Easy tech hack for cleaning a dirty keyboard.



#72 – Study methods: Want to really learn a topic? Reading about it probably isn’t enough.



#65 – Study tips: Writing a paper? Get the facts!



#58 – Lifetime learning keeps your brain sharp! MOOCs let you learn new topics for free. 



#51 – You can sign digital documents with your Mac’s Preview App!



#44 – Want to retain more information when you study? Try one of our favorite study hacks for note taking.



#37 – Want to help improve your child’s homework and study habits?



#30 – Background music designed to help you focus!



#23 – A little memory trick to help you study!



#16 – Worried about RF energy radiation exposure from your cell phone?



#9 – Want to know if that battery is any good? Try this little trick.

mom hacks: tech and education shortcuts




#2 – Want to improve your child’s verbal skills?



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