Earth Day is a global event held on April 22nd that more than one billion people from 192 countries will participate in this year! It’s also an awesome opportunity to teach kids about protecting the planet by introducing them to key concepts like planting, recycling, pollution, and reusing.

One of the main priorities of the earth day movement is to end plastic pollution. Which makes April a great time to get the kiddos involved in local clean-up activities!

You can take them to a local park or school and pick-up/recycle trash to show them just how easy it is to make a difference.

Or, if you live near a coast, the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the oceans, has more than 157 chapters and clubs hosting beach cleanups across the United States. You can find one near you at Surfrider Chapters.

If you want to celebrate Earth Day by getting the family together to plant a tree, the Rhythms of Play blog gives you step-by-step instructions for how to do it right.

If you’re looking for ways kids can get involved in conservation efforts both this month and throughout the year, OhmConnect Blog has some great ideas.

And finally if you want to spend Earth Day doing something great for the planet while getting in quality family time, here’s a few more fun ideas.


To learn more about Earth Day around the world and how you can get involved, check out the official Earth Day Website from the Earth Day Network.

Show the kids how everyone can get involved in protecting Mother Earth.

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