There’s a reason people groan when they say they’re heading to the airport. Flying can be a real pain in the you-know-what

Cramped seats, cranky kids, and don’t EVEN get us started on the security lines. If only you had some super cool ninja airplane travel hacks to make the whole experience a little easier.

Thankfully, you do!

We polled some serious frequent-flyers to get the best travel hacks, straight from the source.


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Whether it’s packing, handling kids, or just relieving sore muscles… these are the tips and tricks that help travelers arrive at their destination a little less stressed.

Check out these 10 airplane travel hacks that’ll help you navigate your next trip to the airport with ease.


Best Airplane Travel Hacks


#1 – The trick to scoring the lowest plane fares. Tuesday afternoon is our little secret.

how to buy cheaper plane tickets


Wanna Know our other little secret? This awesome travel pillow!

It provides support no matter which way gravity pulls your head. That means more sleep and less neck pain.



#2Peppermint essential oil is your new secret weapon on flights. One of our favorite airplane travel hacks.

why you need peppermint oil on a flight


Want to hack your next travel nap? Try this cool inflatable travel pillow that helps you maintain the perfect posture to relax.


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#3 – The trick for packing shoes without the soles getting dirt on everything in your bag. Shower caps, who knew? And you can usually score free ones at your hotel.

how to pack shoes the right way


Another great travel tip? Try this extra soft warm travel blanket that easily folds into it’s own small carrying case. Perfect to stash in your bag or under the seat when not in use.



#4 – Clothes rolling… seriously, it’s a great way to pack more and wrinkle less.

how to pack clothes the right way


Keep important travel documents safe! This RFID blocking family travel wallet prevents thieves from remote scanning IDs and cards.



#5 – The must-haves savvy travelers need to survive a long flight. 

how to survive a long flight


Check out all our favorites! The best travel eye mask, ear plugs, headphones, sanitizing wipes, portable charger, and travel scarf.



#6 – Want to keep liquids from leaking in your checked bag? (and who doesn’t). Try this simple saran wrap hack!

how to pack liquids in your checked bag


Need to quickly press a shirt upon arrival? This mini steam travel iron will do the trick! It’s a business travel favorite.


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#7 – An airplane travel hack to prevent sore muscles.  Best part? Tennis balls won’t take up much space in your carry-on bag! 

how to prevent swore muscles on a flight


Check out this roomy anti-theft cross-body travel bag! Carry everything you need, and keep your cash and documents safe.



#8 – Here’s an easy way to help babies and kids pop their ears to ease discomfort on your next flight. 

how to pop kids ears on a flight


Pack shampoo, conditioner, etc. in this super cool leakproof 4-in-1 travel dispenser!



#9 – How to make one iPad work for two kids.  (Hint: all you need is a smartphone and a plastic baggie).

a travel hack for kids and iPods


Never miss your morning  cup of joe! Be sure to pack this clever electric collapsable travel kettle!



#10 – Airplane travel hacks to help if you lose luggage or forget where you park your car. Take a picture… it’ll last longer (for reals!)

the airport photo hack


The perfect bag for when you want to travel light; check out this lightweight rolling under seat carry-on bag.


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