What It Is: Tabata Pro is a tabata timer for iOS. It’s designed for tabata interval training, weight training, running, cycling, or any type of interval fitness training program. The app has three programmable timers, you can customize the number of cycles and you can pause and restart your session. The screen also flashes for a visual cue. Yellow means get ready, green means ‘work it!’, and red means time to stop. Pretty simple.

Why We Like It: A better question might be – what the heck is tabata anyways? Tabata workouts are for people who want to go hard and fast, and finish in under 30 minutes. It’s a high-intensity interval training program that blasts calories. The basic idea is you do 20 seconds of very intense body weight activity (jump squats, burpees, you get the picture), followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat eight times for a four-minute cycle. Typically you’ll complete four of these four-minute cycles in a single tabata workout.

Now you can see why a timer app like this one would be so beneficial for tabata! Since the app is customizable, you can decide how long you’ll go, how many cycles you’ll do, etc. This app also automatically starts your music when you get going, which can help give you the push you need to get through the next interval.

Tabata is challenging, and with an app like Tabata Pro to track your workout, you can burn major calories in a short amount of time.