What It Is: This app teaches women how to train like an athlete with goal-based plans that last four weeks with 3-4 days of training each week. Each training day has a specific focus and includes a dynamic warmup and cool-down. The app teaches you how to use proper form and train smart, like an athlete, to reduce the chance of injury while getting you closer to your fitness goals.

Why We Like It: This app has structured training plans designed to help you reach specific goals. The plans are tailored to your individual fitness level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). There are strength training plans, some with barbells and some with bodyweight training. The plans have cool names like “The Warrior”, “The Finisher”, and “The Heroine”, and you can choose the one that speaks to you and your fitness level.

The app also has sports specific plans – such as how to get to your first pull-up, and strength training for runners, rock climbers, triathletes, fighters, etc. There are also several 12-week bikini bodybuilding plans designed to help you lose weight and tone up all over. Several of the training plans are included in the free version of the app, but if you want to level up and get more advanced, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee for the pro version of Spitfire.

Spitfire also has a Facebook community you can join once you sign up. The community is full of kick-*ss women encouraging each other to reach their fitness goals. It’s a nice bonus.

Ready to train like an athlete? Check out the Spitfire Athlete app.