What It Is: Down Dog is a yoga app designed to ‘mix it up’ and keep things fresh. Each time you log in for a session, you get a brand new sequence. You can choose how long you want your session to last and input your experience level, Down Dog does the rest.

Why We Like It: If you get bored doing the same yoga routine every darn time, Down Dog is the solution. Getting a new sequence (tailored to your level) each time you log in is what makes this app stand out. You can also choose your playlist, and let us just say… the background music is pretty awesome. It’s not weird new-agey gongs, it’s nice relaxing cool music that like the sequence, is constantly changing. If you are more of a quiet yoga practitioner, you can turn the music off too.

We also like the voice that guides you through the sequences, it’s a very personable warm-sounding voice (not a robot!). The voice guides your body positions, your breath, everything a real instruction would do in a live yoga class. The guidance helps us feel like we are actually improving in our practice, which along with the new sequences each day, makes us want to stick with it. This app really gives you a studio like experience.

Ready to start a regular yoga practice at home? Try out the Down Dog app.