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What Is The My Fitness Jillian Michaels App?

Anyone who’s watched Biggest Loser knows Jillian Michaels, and they know she gets results. Now anyone can train with Jillian using the My Fitness Jillian Michaels app.

This app combines all the elements you need to get fit and healthy; workouts, meal plans, and a tracker to record your progress. It’s like getting three apps in one!

The cornerstone of this app are the personalized fitness plans. There are fully interactive, customized daily workouts for whatever fitness level and goal you might have, from a complete newbie to advanced.

You can increase or decrease the intensity at any time and swap out workouts to make it your own program.

You can pick your music and match the tempo to the pace of your workout, which is a cool feature. It’s also bluetooth compatible with most heart monitors.

Plus…you can try it out for 7-days, absolutely FREE to see if the plan works for you.

Get meal plans, workouts and the support you need to get fit and strong with Jillian Michaels. Start your 7-Day Free Trial!


My Fitness Jillian Michaels
My fitness Jillian Michaels Our Pick for health and fitness app


Why We Like It:  

Personal training is expensive. So are fitness classes, gym memberships, and having someone tell you what to eat all the time.

This app overcomes these obstacles. It’s like having a little personal trainer in your pocket: one who makes working out relatively simple, easy to do just about anywhere and with whatever time you have.

Like we said, the fact you can personalize your workouts and mix them up to match your skill level and goals is really cool. What’s also cool is that Jillian has several specific workout programs built right in.

Some of the most popular include a 30-day kick start plan for newbies, a bounce back after baby plan and a wedding warrior bootcamp for brides-to-be or anyone looking to drop some pounds before a big event.

Each move is performed by Jillian in an HD video, so you can follow along and adjust your form based on the example.

This is a great help, particularly for newbies. You can be sure you are performing the moves correctly to get results and avoid injury.

What sets Jillian’s plan apart from other fitness apps is that she incorporates a meal plan into the program.

Any trainer will tell you, getting into shape requires a two-pronged approach; fitness and food. Jillian covers both bases.

All the meal plans were created with registered dietitians and chefs so they deliver nutrition, while actually tasting good.

Each plan includes recipes, menus, shopping lists and dining out tips. There are plans to cover all kinds of dietary needs; omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, paleo and gluten-free.

The final piece of the getting into shape puzzle is tracking your results.

The My Fitness Jillian Michaels app includes a progress tracking dashboard where you can track your weight, workouts, calories burned, calories eaten and more. It’ll also sync with Apple Health or other monitoring programs.

So whether you’re a beginner looking to start a fitness program, or you have a specific weight-loss, strength-training or fitness goal in mind, the My Fitness Jillian Michaels app can adapt to deliver the workout and food pan you need to get there.

Basically you get the celebrity trainer experience on a budget, whenever and wherever you want it. Try it out!