What It Is: This iOS and Android app comes loaded with 65 classes, organized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can also find workouts that specifically target flexibility, relaxation, strength, and more.

Why We Like It: Yoga Studio is customizable, you can pick and download a class, or create and save a class that you design by picking individual poses to string together. With more than 280 poses and instructions in the library, you won’t run out of skills to master anytime soon! The poses are developed and performed by a qualified instructor, and are presented with detailed instructions so you can see and understand what proper alignment looks like.

Users can further customize music and ambient sounds, as well as schedule “classes” for yourself, which automatically syncs up with your calendar. This little feature is great when you’re trying to establish a regular yoga practice.

In yoga, learning how to move from one pose to the next is just as important as learning the poses themselves. All the Yoga Studio classes come with full HD video and teacher commentary that’s clear and easy to follow. Best of all, they stitch together a full, flowing video of every class you make. Yes, you read that correctly. A full video, for every class. We really like the video stitch feature!

Try the Yoga Studio app for yourself and see how it can enhance your home practice.