What It Is: Nicole Stuart is a celebrity trainer based out of West Hollywood, California. She is known for her signature Pilates style that incorporates yoga, dance moves, stretching, and cross training. To help her workouts reach more than just her celebrity clients, she came out with an app called QE2 – filled with effective, quick and easy exercises. The app includes ten minute targeted workouts for all parts of your body. You can do the workouts wherever you are as long as you have your phone in your pocket. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Why We Like It: It’s convenient for anyone with a busy schedule (hello moms!) or someone who is traveling for work. We first found out about this app because Kate Hudson (yes, the actress with the enviable physique) raved about it in an interview. The app includes an introduction, and sections for abdominals, arms, butt, hips, cardio, and stretching. Nicole walks you through every exercise making sure you are focusing on the right muscle groups and doing each move correctly. She’s very motivational! It almost feels like she is there with you in the room, pushing you to go on.

Nicole focuses on moderation and consistency within her app, without the use of weights or any other equipment. She emphasizes correct form throughout each workout, because that is how you will see results. The workouts are quick, but challenging. This app is perfect for people who only have short windows of time, but still want to feel a little burn. Check out QE Squared.