Category: Digital Archive to Save Your Kids’ Art

What It Is: ArtKive is a creative solution for hanging on to your kid’s art projects. The app lets you take pictures of your child’s artwork, then you can label it by child, grade and date, and store it digitally. You can keep all the memories without running out of wall and fridge space.

Why We Like It: No parent wants to throw away their kid’s masterpiece, but then again…there’s only so much room in the house for paintings, clay sculptures, and macaroni art. ArtKive is the solution! You can keep the digital memory, and put away the original, without feeling guilty.

With just a few clicks you can also turn your child’s art collection into a high-quality, hardcover photo album or print the image on objects like a phone case or a pillow. If you want to really go big…you can splurge on the ArtKive Concierge. For an additional fee, you ship the original artwork to ArtKive and they professionally photograph it, digitize the pictures and create an amazing keepsake book that you will love (it also has awesome “grandparent gift” written all over it).

Free up some wall space, check out the ArtKive app for yourself.