Category: Positive Parenting for Toddlers (age 2-4)

What It Is: Kiddie is a positive parenting educational app for parents and kids (age 2-4 years old). The app was developed with child psychologists and combines reading and rewarding into a system to enhance positive parenting practices. Kiddie helps little ones work on four themes; sleeping habits, eating, potty training, and being “sweet” (i.e. getting through the tantrum and “No!” phase). Using the app you read interactive stories to your child that discuss the desired behavior, in a fun way. The app combines activities with a reward chart to track your child’s progress.

Why We Like It: Kiddie is a really fun positive way to connect with your child. You read and sing along with your child to go over the major learning steps in a toddlers life. These fun interactions, combined with the app’s reward chart enhances the system’s effectiveness. When your child does well, they get to put a sticker on their reward chart, which is super motivational for little ones! If they complete a theme, they get a certificate. This keeps kids engaged and moving forward in their learning.

Kiddie App even gives you the option to share your child’s progress on Facebook and involve family and friends in the process. Their compliments, likes and comments will appear in the app, where your child can see them. And of course, Kiddie App respects your privacy. You choose what to share or not share. This app is great for positive reinforcement of a job well done. Plus it makes fun reading/singing activities you do with your child into quality learning time.

Check out Kiddie App for your toddler.