Category: Kid’s Privacy, Secure Photo and Document Storage.

What It Is:  KidsLink is an invitation-only mobile app and cloud data platform that lets parents share photos, moments, and memories safely within a limited social circle. This app puts you in control of how and with whom you share images and information about your kids. KidsLink also has a vault feature where you can securely save important documents and information about each member of your family (i.e. medical records, insurance info, school documents, etc.).

Why We Like It: We’re raising the first generation of kids who have the potential to have their entire lives play out online in social media. If this kind of thing freaks you out, and you don’t want to ‘over-share’ or jeopardize your kids’ privacy, then KidsLink may be a good app for you. KidsLink auto scrapbooks important milestones and moments in a storyboard and then shares them (securely) with only the people you authorize to see them. Same goes for documents, you can securely store and access important information like medical records, report cards, and share them within a trusted circle.

This app has been called “stalker-proof”, which is scary, but not too far off the mark. You can share certain images with just friends or family, or if you want to share something on social media (Facebook, Instagram) KidsLink will strip out all geographic metadata for your kids’ protection. That way no one knows where the picture was taken. At KidsLink, safety is priority number one.

The KidsLink Vault feature lets you snap pics of important documents and store them in a password secured environment. Makes it convenient for when your school or doctor wants copies of something, you can get it right off your phone. If you’re leaving the kids with grandparents, you can securely transfer copies of their medical records via KidsLink too.

If you have multiple children, each child has their own space within the app. Don’t worry about documents or photos being jumbled, it’s completely organized. We even store our spouse and pet’s medical records in KidsLink because it’s so convenient.

Want to securely save and share photos and documents? Check out KidsLink.