Category: White Noise, Nature Sounds, Lullabies.

What It Is: Sleepy Sounds is a pretty simple app, but also a super helpful one. This app turns your iPhone into a baby mobile/ noise maker to help lull your little one off to sleep.

Why We Like It: Babies are all different. When it comes to sleeping, what works for one may not work for another. This app has several different sound features so you can find the perfect one to help your baby drift off. You can choose between lullabies, white noise, or nature sounds to soothe baby.

The app also lets you select how you want the music/sound to play for and it will loop until the allotted time has passed. When you start the music, the app will also play a looping animation which lights up a dark room (if that works for your baby). If it doesn’t, just turn the phone around. When it comes to getting baby to sleep, we’ll do whatever it takes.

Start soothing your baby to sleep with the Sleepy Sounds app.