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What It Is: This app provides easy access to doctor-approved health information, from illnesses to emergency symptoms and newborn care tips, whenever you need it. You’ll also receive weekly content packages for baby’s first two years, with guidance geared to his/her specific age and stage. The app also lets you record your baby’s growth and development, and track feedings, sleep, and diaper changes.

Why We Like It: WebMD Baby is like having a mini pediatrician on your phone. We like how comprehensive the information is (over 400 articles, 598 tips, and 70 videos) and that all the content has been approved by medical doctors. The app includes five tools to keep track of important infant needs; feeding (breast, bottle and solid foods), sleep, diaper changes, growth, and a baby book feature where you can capture your baby’s moments (first smile, first steps, etc.) and share them with collaborators. The app will also send you reminders when it’s time for a task to be done (like a feeding or diaper change).

The app also spells out baby’s vaccine and doctor visit schedule. There is literally a ton of information in here for every stage of baby’s development. One cool feature we really like is the “Ask A Pediatrician” option where you can watch videos by WebMD doctors sharing helpful tips for caring for your baby. Having video is a plus because sometimes new parents are just too dang tired to read.

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