Happy International Women’s Day! In honor of the occasion, our daily three is all about girl power. Today we bring you a little background on how this day came about, tips for how to raise a strong girl, and a mom reflects on why she needs the support of her girlfriends.

Wondering how International Women’s Day came about? You can read the history that lead up to it’s adoption, along with the values that guide the activities associated with Women’s Day.

We all want to raise our daughters to be strong, smart and confident, right?  When this mom blogger found out she was having a girl, she reached out to friends and family to get their best advice for raising a strong girl. She shares their best insights here.

Finally, we’ve got a mom blogger who realized just how important her girlfriends were once she had a child. Parenting is a tough job. Getting the support of other women can make all the difference. You can read her experience here.