What do we have for you today? We’ve got some tips for dealing with a house overloaded with toys, a mom blogger who isn’t exactly “enjoying” her pregnancy, and some parenting memes that will give any parent a good laugh.

Have you looked around the house lately and noticed it’s getting overrun…by toys?? You’re not alone. Kids get so many gifts these days their swag can take over your house. If your kids are like most, they probably aren’t even playing with all the toys they have. Here a parenting coach offers some tips for tackling the pile.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful thing…but what if it’s not? This mom blogger had a rough pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. She wants other moms-to-be that are dealing with a difficult pregnancy to know that it’s okay to admit you feel bad. If you’re struggling, she gets it.

Finally, we end on a funny note. Any mom or dad will be able to relate to these hilarious parenting memes. Just try not to smile – you’re welcome.