Welcome to Spring! To celebrate, we’ve got some fun Easter crafts you can do with the kiddos, a personal essay by a mom who reflects on how the words of a stranger influenced her view of parenting, and a mom blogger who shares the most liberating piece of parenting advice she received.

Easter is just around the corner, but don’t worry…. The folks over at Kids Activities Blog have got you covered. They’ve gathered up a ton of cool Easter projects for your little ones to try. The only question left, which one will you choose?

One day at the beach this mom overheard a stranger make a comment about her family, and it changed the way she viewed parenting. Sometimes the littlest things can help us remember the big picture.

Finally, this mom blogger recalls a conversation she had about television and how it lead to one of the best pieces of parenting advice she ever received. Hint: the advice has nothing to do with TV.