Today’s theme is “keeping it real” and to celebrate we bring you three really honest takes on parenting. We’ve got a mom who shares how Hyperemesis Gravidarum made her pregnancy hell, another mom who wished she never breastfed, and five (brave) moms that put on bikinis for the first time after having kids. It’s a whole lotta honesty, and we think other moms can relate.

We start with a mom who describes how acute nausea and vomiting (think morning sickness times ten) turned what should’ve be a joyful time into a horror show.

Next up, former “House Rules” star Maddi Wright openly discusses the challenges she faced when it came to breastfeeding. She admits that nursing is something she regrets.

Finally, Redbook Magazine asked five moms to put on bikinis for the first time since giving birth and to be photographed and recorded talking about how their bodies have changed. This story might make you rethink how you feel about your “mom bod”.