Welcome to March! What have we selected for your reading pleasure today? We’ve got a mom who realizes she yells way too much at her kids, some research that says giving kids chores may actually be good for them, and a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of dealing with a toddler.

After a fateful kitchen mishap this mom had to take a hard look at her parenting style, and she didn’t like what she saw. She realized she had become a yeller, and it was taking a toll on her relationship with her kids. In that moment, mom decided something had to change.

Have you been thinking about giving your kids some work to do around the house? Well as it turns out, you won’t be the only one that benefits.  Your kids get a lot of doing chores too!

And finally, we end on a humorous note.  This mama knows that deep down, her toddler loves her. She’s also convinced that at the same time, her toddler is secretly trying to kill her.  We can relate!