Happy Friday Beenkers! In our daily three we bring you the real reason why you keep mixing up your kids’ names, an open letter from a dad to his co-travelers on a flight, and a mom blogger that thinks doing the dishes is sexy.

Fess’ up parents, in the heat of the moment, have you ever found yourself shouting a jumble of your kids’ names? “Mark, Mary, Lisa, whoever you are….get over here!” Um, guilty as charged! Did you know there’s a scientific reason behind why you do this?

Next question, have you ever been annoyed by a child on a flight? If you’re a frequent traveler, we’re sure the answer is yes. But have you ever stopped to think about what the parents of that child are going through? In an open letter, this dad addresses his fellow travelers with an honest depiction of what a flight was like for him and his tired, sick son. It might make you feel a little more empathy towards struggling parents the next time you fly.

And finally, here’s a mom blogger who tells it like it is. Does your husband complain about not getting enough loving? Then maybe he should pick up a broom, because according to this mama – cleaning house is the new sexy.