What It Is: The Rainforest Jumperoo is a fun place for baby to sit and play. It is designed to be used by a child who is able to hold his/her head up unassisted – but not able to climb out or walk. So the sweet spot for this jumper would be somewhere in the 3-6 month range, depending on your baby. The maximum weight is 25 pounds.

What’s cool about the Rainforest Jumperoo in particular is all the fun ways your baby can entertain themselves while in it. There’s a variety of textures and colors incorporated into the toys providing tactile stimulation and engaging your child’s visual senses. Moving, spinning, and jumping helps encourage development of large motor skills. There are even music and lights that can be activated by baby, which helps him understand the cause and effect of actions.

Why We Like It: The Rainforest Jumperoo includes a motion sensor that encourages your baby by rewarding them with lights and sounds when they jump. The little ones get so excited once they realize their movements are setting off the action! Plus there is so much to do. When your child gets tired of jumping, they can play with the toys. The seat spins, so it’s easy for them to look around and play with different attachments. This could mean you have time to sit and finish a cup of coffee!! How amazing is that?

Get your little one jumping and playing in a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo today.

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