Figuring out what you need as a new parent can be a challenge. There are the basics that everyone knows about; stroller, car seat, crib, etc. And since you already know you need them, those aren’t the kind of items you’re going to find on this best baby products list.

Instead we want to tell you about some really cool, innovative baby products you might NOT know about, but we think are must haves for new moms.

We’re in the middle of a baby gear renaissance. And all of the products on our best of list have something special that sets them apart; be it a unique design, high quality materials, or added convenience.

Honestly, the best baby stuff has never been better. Which is a win for parents everywhere!

So check out our picks for must-have best baby products for new moms. We may have found just the thing you’re looking for.


Best Baby Products


1. Dream Tribe: 

best baby products


If you’re a new mom that’s struggling to get their baby to sleep, then the Dream Tribe Online Video Course might be just the thing you’re looking for. 

Dream Tribe is an online course taught by experts that provides parents with tips, guidance and best practices for healthy sleep.  


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Dream Tribe was launched by Carolynne J. Harvey, founder of Dream Baby Sleep® a top-rated company of certified sleep experts. Harvey was troubled by the fact that platinum sleep consulting services are generally a tool reserved for the wealthy.


“I want to democratize the process and help all parents feel more confident and secure when establishing healthy sleep habits for their families. There is nothing more important than maternal mental health, and sleep and support are vital.” -Carolynne J. Harvey


One of the main goals of the Dream Tribe Video Course is to offer affordable step-by-step baby and toddler sleep training support to moms. 

Your online course includes:

  • Step-by-step sleep training instruction by a certified sleep expert.
  • Four sleep training eBooks.
  • The Nap Survival Guide.
  • Monthly live Q&A in a private members only Facebook group.

There are also course options that include a 30 minute one-on-one sleep consultation, or a consultation plus email support.

So if you thought professional sleep consultation services were out of reach, think again! Check out Dream Tribe and get the support you need.


2. Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle:

best baby products

When you’re ready to introduce your breastfeeding baby to a bottle, the nanobébé bottle is our pick for best baby products. 

This bottle’s natural, breast-like design provides a smooth transition between breast and bottle. Which is a fancy way of saying it resembles a boob, so your baby instinctively knows what to do since it looks familiar and appealing.

Plus nanobébé bottles are a great way to get your partner to help out with feedings!  The bottle was actually invented by a dad who was trying to heat up refrigerated breast milk in the middle of the night and was frustrated by how long it took.

Nanobébé is the first bottle designed to protect nutrients  during the storing and rewarming process; it cools rapidly to prevent bacterial growth and warms quickly and evenly to prevent nutrient damage often caused by high temperatures.


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The other cool thing about nanobébé bottles is that they stack easily, which saves fridge space and helps track pumping order. 

Each bottle also comes with a storage cap and a breast-pump adaptor so you can express milk directly into the bottle and then store it in the fridge or freezer. Which is super convenient.

To make things even easier, you can pick up a nanobébé smart warming bowl which is the fastest way to warm bottles and breast milk bags to the optimal temperature. This helps avoid late-night frustrations, so you can get your little one fed and back to bed in no time.


3. Newton Crib Mattress:

best baby products

We cannot overemphasize the importance of healthy baby sleep. That’s why the Newton Crib Mattress makes our list of best baby products for new moms.

This crib mattress has absolutely no foam, latex, or adhesives which makes it hypoallergenic, free of off-gassing and completely washable. And trust us, having a crib mattress that is washable is a baby MUST.

Plus the innovative design features a patented core zipped into a breathe-thru cover, allowing air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation. 

A breathable Newton crib mattress not only helps reduce the risk of suffocation, but also helps baby’s body temperature (no sweaty little backs!). 

This allows baby to sleep more comfortably and longer through the night. Any product that does that is a winner in our book.


4. YUMI:

best baby products for new moms


When you’re ready to start introducing your baby to solid foods, Yumi is a must have service for busy parents.

Each week Yumi shops, preps, and cooks your baby’s meals so you don’t have to. 

What propelled this brand onto our best baby products list is the fact that they use only fresh, organic foods made in consultation with a team of doctors, nutritionists and chefs to ensure they create the most nutrient dense purees available.

Yumi will guide your baby through the process of introducing solids; gradually introducing different textures and selecting blends based on our baby’s age and nutritional needs.

Oh…and did we mention they deliver? Right to your front door!  Nutritious AND convenient.


5. MEMEENO® Belly Band:

best baby products


The MEMEENO® belly band, like many of the best baby products, was created out of frustration. A mom struggling with a colicky baby discovered that a belly belt helped her little one with gas and digestion.

Use of the belly belt reduced her baby’s crying, and she was passing gas and sleeping better. But although the band worked, it was poorly made…so this enterprising mom created a better one.

The MEMEENO® belly band is all organic cotton material with velcro that adjust to apply the optimal amount of tummy compression to relieve symptoms. The non-slip band is sized to grow with your newborn baby up to 12 months.

Belly-binding is an age-old practice to reduce baby gas and fussiness that has soothed countless little ones. That’s why a belly band is a must have for every new mom’s toolkit.


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6. Doddle & Co. Pop Pacifier:

best baby products

Let’s get real for a minute, your child’s pacifier is going end up in places that will make you cringe before going back into his or her mouth. Sure, you could try to clean it every time it drops, or you could use a Doddle & Co. Pop Pacifier instead.

When this innovative pacifier hits the floor, the nipple pops back into its protective silicon bubble, so there’s no need for a carrying case. But if the pacifier falls onto the crib while baby is asleep, the intuitive nipple stays extended and ready for baby. How genius is that?

And if the Pop Pacifier ever does get dirty, you can always just toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Like we said, genius.


Whether you’re completing your baby registry, looking for a shower gift, or shopping for your little one… be sure to add these innovative must haves to your list! 


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