What It Is: The Twilight Turtle is a plush constellation nightlight. It projects a starry night onto the ceiling for your little one to fall asleep under a starry sky. There are three color options – orange, green and blue. (Many of the parents we spoke to say their kids like the blue option best). The Twilight Turtle runs on three AAA batteries, which are included. It’s good for kids age one year and up. We included it in “Baby’s Must Haves” because it makes a great baby shower gift.

Why We Like It: This toy can help ease a child’s fear of the dark. It’s especially good for that scary time that toddlers transition from crib to bed. It also has a timer, so the light will shut off automatically. This makes the batteries last a long time.

The Turtle includes eight actual constellations (such as the Big Dipper) in its star patterns. You can start a conversation about astronomy with you little one by looking at the projected stars together. Kids can also learn to turn the turtle on themselves (and you know it will automatically shut off) giving them the option to soothe themselves to sleep if they want it.

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