What It is: My Brest Friend Original is a wrap around nursing pillow designed to position baby for latch-on while supporting mom’s body. It’s 100% cotton, and you can remove the cover to wash it. (just hang it out to dry). The firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling during feeding. It also has a convenient pocket to keep water bottles, burp, clothes and other breastfeeding items within arms reach. It’s adjustable, so it fits to your size and shape.

Why We Like It: You may not think that you need a nursing pillow, but we’re telling you it’s a definite help. You can give your arms a rest during breast or bottle feeding, and baby can use it in later months to practice tummy time and sitting up. The back rest helps you maintain good posture during feedings which prevents a sore neck and back. It also reduces stress on your arms, shoulders, and elbows.

If you’re like us, you may struggle with staying awake during night-time feedings. This pillow can help keep you upright and in the proper position. It makes it easier to get baby’s head into the optimal position for the best latch. It also leaves your hand free so you can do things… like drink a glass of water, or caress your baby. Trust us, it’s worth it. This pillow also makes a not-too-shabby laptop pillow if you’re working on your computer in bed.

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