As parents, we know how important computer literacy is to our children’s future success. In this modern digital age learning the language of computers is almost as important as learning spoken language. Schools, however, are not always equipped to teach high-tech concepts like coding and systems. Which leaves a parent wondering how they can help their child get ahead.

Primo, a smart-toy maker, asked themselves this same question and went looking for a solution. They came up with a new toy, Cubetto, that is designed to teach kids ages 3 to 7 the basics of programming without the need for literacy skills (or even a computer).

Cubetto is made of sturdy wood and teaches coding basics through hands on play. It’s a cross-curricular early learning resource that helps kids develop problem solving, communication, and creativity – the core foundations of coding.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Cubetto is already helping parents and teachers introduce kids to programming. More than 800 schools and preschools in 40+ countries are using Cubetto. If kids start to grasp these important concepts early, they will be better prepared to succeed in STEM fields later on.