What were you doing when you were pregnant? Personally I was laying on the sofa hoping for a foot rub. But if you happen to be a champion tennis player, you were probably still out on the court!

Serena Williams shared a video of herself playing tennis at 28 weeks pregnant, showing the world that pregnancy is not a “condition” that requires women to give up what they love.

While some of us might spend our pregnant days eating ice cream or couchsurfing, not Serena. And we think it’s great she’s still hitting out the ball! Not everyone shares our opinion, however. Fitness shaming of pregnant women happens pretty often online. Serena is no exception.

It’s pretty common to see detractors on social media warning women that they are putting their babies at risk by running, dancing, playing tennis, etc. This is old-school thinking, since most doctors today actually recommend exercise for women with low-risk pregnancies. But the shaming continues.

Even Serena’s small baby bump was enough to open the doors of unwanted pregnancy advice. Commenters on Instagram were telling her she should “take it easy”. (If you’ve ever watched Serena play a real match and then watched the video, believe us…she IS taking it easy.)

Most of the comments were positive though, with fans telling her to “go for it!” and “keep it up!”. We’re pretty sure that not even pregnancy will slow Serena down.


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