Happy Monday moms and dads!  Our daily three includes an open letter to adoptive mothers everywhere, the touching story of a toddler picking out a doll, and a reflection of what it’s like to be the mother of an autistic child.

Our first blogger, an adoptive mother herself, writes an open letter to the many other adoptive moms out there acknowledging their unique challenges during the adoption process. This mom sees you, and knows the emotional roller-coaster you’ve been through. She also knows the pure joy of building your own family. A must-read for any parent.

Next, a 2-year old girl was allowed to pick a doll as a reward for successful potty training. When the cashier at the store questioned her choice (based on the doll’s ethnicity) this toddler had the perfect response. Read the entire story here.

Finally, a mom with a severely autistic son reflects on what it’s really like to raise a nonverbal child. Autism completely changed this mom’s life. But beyond the many challenges, it also brought her a new capacity for love.