It’s a new week moms and dads! What do we have on tap for you today? We’ve got a mom blogger that hopes her son will be able to see beauty in a beast, another mom that thinks your kids should get dirty, and a trainer who answers questions from a new mom about how to get back into shape after baby.

The release of the live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast got this mom thinking about what message the movie sends to boys. Leading ladies tend to be responsible for seeing more than what’s on the surface, but can the same be said for men?

Our bodies are made up of millions of bacteria. This mom wants to remind you of the fact that exposure to everyday germs strengthens your little one’s immune system. So maybe back away from the antibacterial wipes and let your kids roll around in the mud a bit.

We end with a new mom trying to figure out how to get back into shape now that she’s had her baby. She interviews Beachbody trainer McMatthews (a mom herself) who offers some tips and insights into when to start working out, how to find the time, and what exercises to focus on.