Today’s parenting blog round-up is all about helicopter parents. You know, those overprotective types that take excessive interest in their children’s lives and future success. It’s a hot topic of conversation and we share a couple of different perspectives. We’ve got some moms that are trying to let go, a psychologist that worries about the future impacts of this parenting style, and a mom that thinks over protectiveness is okay and can even see some humor in it.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how often you tell your kids to “watch out” or “be careful”? This mom did, and she wasn’t entirely happy with what she found. So she decided to make a change.

A psychologist talks about a new type of helicopter parent, the “drone parent” who silently observes everything their kid does and pulls strings behind the scenes to make their life go smoothly. He also discusses the future impacts of all types of helicopter parenting.

This mom blogger recognizes her own helicopter tendencies and is (trying) to let go.

And finally, a helicopter mom who isn’t ashamed of being overprotective. She thinks helicoptering just means wanting your kids to be safe and happy.  She also, admittedly, sees some humor in her overprotective mom ways and can laugh at herself a little.