In honor of Labor Day, today’s blog round-up is all about childbirth. Every birth experience is different, and we gathered up some of our favorite mom bloggers’ reflections on their big day. These moms’ experiences range from natural childbirth, to a home birth with a midwife, a scheduled C-section, and a birth involving a doula and a hot tub. Reading other women’s stories of labor and birth can help us to know what to expect and remind us that other moms have been through the same thing.

Lauren very much wanted to have a natural childbirth, with no medication or interventions of any kind (if it could possibly be helped). She makes it through the delivery of her daughter Piper with the help of a birthing tub, and without using any pain medication! Read on for the full-story of Lauren’s natural childbirth experience.

After having baby #1 the traditional way (in a hospital), Holly Pevzner decided to have baby #2 at home. Holly chronicles her decision-making process, the search for a midwife, and her birth experience in this article. We like how real and honest she is and her play-by-play descriptions leading up to the big day.  

Corrine wanted to share her birth story to show how a scheduled c-section can be a positive birth experience. She didn’t want other moms who go the c-section route to feel like they’re not experiencing a “real birth” or that they’re somehow doing it wrong. She believes that every new baby, however they come into this world, is a miracle.  

We enjoyed Angela’s story because it is honest and real, and because it highlights how a doula (and a hot-tub) helped her during the labor process. Two options worth considering! So without further ado, here’s Angela’s story of the birth of her daughter Adriana….enjoy!