Greetings moms! As yesterday was Father’s Day, we decided to make today’s blog round-up all about dads. We share the stories of four fathers fighting for girls’ rights in different parts of the world, a daughter who reflects on what she learned from her farmer father, and a pair of dads who don’t let kids stop them from traveling the globe.

Dads can play an important role in creating safer, more equal spaces for their daughters. This piece shares the stories of four such dads who are standing up for equality and trying to make the world a better place for girls.

We’ve also got a daughter and blogger who shares the lessons she learned from her dad who raised her and her sisters on the family farm.

Finally, we end with a profile of a pair of dads that travel and blog about their experiences. Having two young sons hasn’t stopped their adventures. They are focused on sharing their passion for travel with the kids and have made it all a family affair.