Greetings mamas! Today we have a mom blogger who discusses what happens when you and your spouse have two different parenting styles. We’ve also got tips for moms trying to reenter the workforce and some road trip essentials, just in time for summer vacation. Enjoy!

Ever felt like you’ve finally made inroads on teaching your child a valuable lesson, only to have your significant other unwind your efforts? So has this mom! She shares her thoughts on her and her husband’s different styles of parenting.

Have you taken some time off work to care for a new baby or spend more time with the kids? Are you considering reentering the workforce? Check out these tips for getting back into the game at the office. This mom shares her experience and best tips for reentering the workforce.

Thinking about taking the family on a road trip this summer?  Check out this mom’s packing list and be sure you’ve got all the gear you need. Happy travels!