Age: 4-10 Years Old

Skills Learned: Creativity, Basic STEM, Dexterity, Problem-Solving


Viahart Brain Flakes


Why We Like It:

Viahart Brain Flakes are pretty darn cool. You can build almost anything!

Each piece by itself may not look like much (it’s just a disk with 8 notches). But once your child starts putting them together, magic happens.

You can make trees, spaceships, cars, animals, boats… the more you play with it, the more creative inventions you can come up with.

When building with Brain Flakes your child is also building critical thinking, dexterity, visual-spatial, and problem solving skills.

Not to mention the creativity and imagination this toy encourages. With over 500 pieces, Brain Flakes promises hours of building fun.

It’s a great introduction to basic engineering concepts.


What You Should Know:

This toy contains small parts, making it is a choking hazard for any child under 3 years of age.

The discs are durable and really easy to snap together, which makes building new inventions frustration-free.

In addition, the discs come in a nice, reusable container with a screw-on lid and handle for easy storage. 

This is a great construction toy for budding engineers. VIAHART Brain Flakes would make an awesome Christmas or birthday gift!

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