Warm weather is upon us! And we know that kids LOVE long summer days at the pool. Actually, we moms love them too. Lol

But how do you keep pool time fun ALL summer long? By adding some of the best pool toys and inflatables to the mix!

These toys and floats will keep the kids happy and entertained for hours.

And come on, admit it, you kind of want to float around on a giant doughnut or unicorn too…It’s ok, we won’t tell.


Best Pool Toys For Kids


 1. Swimways Toypedo Bandits

One of the highest rated pool dive toys on Amazon, SwimWays Toypedo Bandits rocket through the pool with hydrodynamic action, gliding up to 20 feet underwater!

Kids can improve their swimming skills by launching a Toypedo Bandit and chasing it through the water. Each pack comes with four torpedos.



2. BigMouth Gigantic Donut Pool Float

best pool toys

How cute is this? The BigMouth Gigantic Donut Float is THE ORIGINAL donut inflatable (make sure you get the BigMouth brand, not a knock-off).

At over 4’ wide, this float is truly gigantic! It’s made of high quality, durable multi-color vinyl and includes a patch kit.

The new version has the fun donut design printed with UV Protection, so it won’t fade.



3. Airhead Lob The Blob Inflatable game

best pool toys

The Airhead Lob The Blob is the classic “cornhole” game, but a floatable pool version for hours of outdoor fun.

It comes with 4 green “blobs”, 4 blue “blobs” and the floating target playing surface. Our kids love this.



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4. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Taffy Turtle Catch and Hatch Pool Game

best pool toys

Each plastic egg in this cute Sunny Patch Turtle pool-play set fits one baby turtle inside. You can toss them in the pool (or bathtub), then gather them up to “hatch”.

What we like is that there are a LOT of different games you can play with these; swimming, racing, sequencing and sorting games!  

The set includes play ideas for activities in and out of the pool.



5. Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

best pool toys

No ‘best pool toys’ list would be complete without water wings to keep your toddler safe in the water.

OK, so maybe this isn’t exactly a toy…but the Stearns Life Jacket is a best-seller, and it’s a US Coast Guard-approved life jacket for kids 30-50 pounds.

Plus, the fun design makes kids happy, while keeping them safe.



6. Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

best pool toys

How great is this? Unicorns are magical….pools are magical…. So what happens when you get a giant inflatable unicorn pool float? We think that’s extra magical for sure!

Your kids will be the envy of the block with this inflatable unicorn float in your backyard.

One of the best pool toys ever!



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7. SwimWays 2 in 1 Game (Basketball and Volleyball)

best pool toys

The SwimWays 2 in 1 gives you the two most popular pool games, basketball and volleyball, in one cool set.

It’s easy to assemble, no tools required, and it’s an easy switch to go from basketball to volleyball and back again.

This set will provide HOURS of pooltime fun for the kiddos. Great for summer parties!



8. Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float


Of course you need something colorful and fun for your little swimmers, and this Flamingo Inflatable could not be cuter.

How much fun would the kiddos have floating around on this bright pink beauty?



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9. BigMouth Watermelon Lil’ Float

Keep little ones safe with this inflatable watermelon kiddie float. One of the best pool toys for younger kids (age 1-3)

This colorful float has a supported seat and smooth leg openings to keep kids comfortable. And with any pool toy for the younger set, parental supervision is required.



10. Inflatable Pirate Boat W/ Squirt Gun

How fun is this inflatable pirate boat?  Think of the imaginative adventures your kids could have playing on this all summer!

What’s really cool is that this pirate boat comes equipped with a squirt gun cannon. If you get two, your little pirates can duel it out on the high seas.



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