Children with any type of sensory processing disorder (SPD) are constantly in search of ways to regulate their nervous systems and organize input coming from their environment. Sensory toys are a great tool to help integrate the senses and promote development.


These sensory toys are not just for children with an SPD, they are incredible learning tools for all kids!


The truth is, all children need help learning how to use their senses and develop motor skills. Sensory toys are uniquely designed for this task.

Sensory play is an integral part of any child’s development. Plus it’s very calming and can help your child feel more grounded.

What parent at day’s end doesn’t want a calmer child that’s ready for bed?

Sensory toys can help kids regulate their internal discomfort; restlessness, boredom, overwhelm, etc. They also help burn off some of that wild kid energy and calm the fidgets, all while promoting crucial sensory integration.

Check out our list of favorite sensory toys all kids will love! 



Top Sensory Toys


1. Plasma Car

sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Vestibular Input and Gross Motor Skills.

Children seeking vestibular input are movers and shakers! This sense refers to moving fast, slow, up or down, spinning in circles, balancing, etc. These are great toys for high energy kids.

This car is seriously fun in the vestibular category. Kids love it! And it’s super sturdy. Our neighbors have 2 boys and the Plasma Car was a favorite of both. After all that use, it’s still going strong!

The Plasma Car promotes hand-eye coordination and fluid movements and provides a fun way for kids to get exercise while keeping occupied. As kids learn to drive faster and more precisely, they will be developing motor skills. 



2. Indoor Swing by DreamGYM

sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Vestibular Input.

Here’s another great vestibular sensory toy! This DreamGYM Indoor Swing provides hours of indoor fun for kids, so they can stay active – rain or shine.

Plus, it keeps kids interested as they grow and develop. So many configurations and activities you can do. There’s even a deluxe set with an added trapeze bar and rope climb.



3. Monkey Noodle

Skills or Senses:  Tactile.

Tactile seekers are looking for touch input. Kids can be over or under sensitive to different textures. Tactile exposure through sensory play helps widen what’s acceptable. These stretchy Monkey Noodles are a super fun tactile sensory toy!

You can stretch, pull, twirl or squeeze them. They’re strong, durable, and nontoxic. So they can take whatever your kids dish out!

These are great fidget toys for all kids, but especially those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These sensory toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and can increase focus.



  4. Doodle Quest Game

Sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Visual and Fine Motor Skills.

Visual toys help kids process images in their brain. The Doodle Quest Game develops visual-spatial perception, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills…plus its a lot of fun! 

Players draw on separate transparent sheets and must trust their eyes in order to meet targets and avoid obstacles. You can play this game solo, or with up to 4 players. (age 6 and up).



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5. Children’s Factory Mini-Nest Ball Pool

Skills or Senses: Proprioception and Gross Motor Skills.

Proprioception is your unconscious perception of movement and where you are in space. It’s your brain’s way of integrating tactile and vestibular senses together.

This mini-nest ball pool is a safe space for toddlers to do just that!

The walls are 4” foam and 10” high. Once filled with colored balls, it becomes a multi-sensory stimulation fun zone. (age 6 mos – 3 years)



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6. Peek A Boo Tunnel

sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Gross Motor Skills.

The Peek A Boo Tunnel is a fun way to get kids moving and develop the muscle memory needed for gross motor skills.

This particular tunnel is great for kids who crave independent play, but still like to keep people in view.

The 6-foot tunnel features a mesh top, so it isn’t too dark and scary for children that don’t like that sensation. It’s also made out of waterproof polyester for indoor or outdoor use. (age 3 and up)



7. Musical Cuboid

sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Auditory.

Making and hearing noise is one of the first bits of sensory feedback we get. Little ones LOVE to find objects that make consistent sounds, but these can be really irritating to us adults.

The Musical Cuboid inspires creative auditory play WITHOUT driving mom and dad insane.

This interactive sensory toy lets kids add or subtract any combination of five instruments to make their own beautiful music. There’s even an orchestra button to play them together at once.

Mini Mozarts will love this musical toy!



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8. Art3d Multi-Color Play mat

sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Visual and Tactile.

With the Art3d Multi-Color Play Mat you can see cool stunning colors that react to your footsteps or touch. These tiles are an amazing way to help a child calm down.

They are able to stand, sit or lay on the tile and push the liquids around to take their mind off of anything else going on around them.

You can choose a particular color palette or get the mix and matched multi-color mat.

Set up the skid-proof Art3d Play Mat in your bathroom, living room, or child’s bedroom for a unique source of sensory stimulation that will captivate your kids.



9. PipSquigz

Sensory Toys

Skills or Senses: Visual, Tactile and Fine Motor Skills.

PipSquigz are fun for little ones 6 months and up. They promote exploration and sensory awareness.

Kids love grabbing these bright colored sensory toys and they enjoy the satisfying sound the suction makes.

These are great for strollers, high chairs, bathtubs, or even a wheelchairs. With super-suction, each shape can be tugged, pushed, shaken pulled, or stuck together for new play experiences.

Babies delight in the versatile movement, sound and texture. Moms like that they stick and unstick without leaving any mess.



10. Li’l Gen Water Beads

sensory toys

Skills or Senses: Hand-Eye Coordination, Sensory and Fine Motor Skills.

The Li’l Gen Water Beads Set engages kids with colors, textures, and creative play.

The scoopers and tweezers promote hand-eye coordination, while the attention-grabbing colors encourage matching, sorting, and mixing.

In addition to promoting fine motor skills, the texture and feeling of the water beads helps bring feelings of calm and relaxation to soothe children.



11. Playskool Classic Sit ‘n Spin

Skills or Senses: Vestibular Input and motor skills.

Who doesn’t remember Sit ‘n Spin? The classic spinning toy for toddlers has been spinning out fun for generations!

It’s awesome for active indoor play. Kids can spin out some of their energy out, while the active play encouraged balance, coordination, motor skills—and perhaps even a post playtime nap! (Age 18 months and up)



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