There’s no doubt that children with specific sensory needs benefit greatly from toys designed to develop that need, but sensory toys for toddlers have an important role in the lives of ALL young children.

Play that stimulates the senses aids the development of neural pathways in the brain, pathways which are essential to learning in early childhood all the way up to adulthood.

Sensory play matters! And it matters for all kids, particularly toddlers who are rapidly developing their sensory-motor, language, social interaction, and problem-solving skills.

And for children diagnosed a sensory processing disorder (SPD) who are constantly looking for ways to organize input coming from their environment, sensory toys for kids can be wonderful therapeutic tools.

Special needs toys are designed to encourage play that sparks learning without being overwhelming.


After playing with the best sensory toys, you may notice your child seems calmer and more relaxed. This is not an illusion!


Sensory play is calming for kids. It helps them regulate their internal discomfort, whether that discomfort is boredom, restlessness, or some other type of agitation.

Playing with these sensory toys for toddlers is not only soothing and fun, it also encourages your child’s overall development.

Plus, even though they were built with sensory development in mind, at the end of the day these are just really fun toys for kids.

Check out our list of the best sensory toys for toddlers and watch how your little one starts to explore the sounds, shapes, colors, and textures of the world around them.


Top Sensory Toys For Toddlers


1. Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

sensory toys for toddlers

Give your kiddo a set of these BPA-free Boon Jellies for some tactile entertainment during bath or shower time.

The oversized jellies can be stacked, arranged in different patterns, or stand on their own. It’s one of our favorite water toys for toddlers!



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2. Hohner Kids Twirly Whirly Action Rainmaker

sensory toys for toddlers

This colorful twirly whirly toy helps with hand-eye coordination and auditory sensory development.

Plus, the sound of the colorful beads making their way through the moving pieces is extremely soothing. Kids love it!



3. LEKETI 22pcs Wooden Toddler Musical Instrument Toy Set

sensory toys for toddlers

Music, touch and sound are integral to sensory development, and this musical instrument toy set has everything your curious toddler could want.

It’s got tapping, shaking, beating, and blowing instruments all in smooth wood so they won’t hurt your child’s sensitive hands. One of our fave musical toys for toddlers!



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4. Skip Hop Bandana Buddysensory toys for toddlers

The bandana buddy is one of the best sensory toys for toddlers!

Each bandana buddy comes with 10 different activities, from teething to self-recognition in the little mirrors.

Whether your child likes to hear their buddy ring, or simply feel the different textures, this toy is sure to be a hit.

There are three different buddies available; a lion (shown), an elephant, and a fox. Let your child choose their favorite.



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5. Kinetic Play Sand

sensory toys for toddlers

Molding kinetic sand is seriously fun and stress-relieving, for toddlers and adults. This is one sensory toy you might find yourself playing with too!

You can slice it, press it, smoosh it, or build with it.  This magic stand sticks to itself and not to you. And since it never dries out or hardens, your little one can play with it again and again!



6. Jenx Toys Jumbo 60 PCS Magnetic Rods and Balls Building Blocks

sensory toys for toddlers

Your toddler can create endless possibilities with this Jenx magnetic building set.

From color-coordinated flat formations to dimensional works of art, the magnetic rods are easy and fun to work with. It’s one of our top picks in learning toys for toddlers.



7. Infantino Discover and Play Sensory Ball

sensory toys for toddlers

The Infantino sensory ball includes a rattling rainstick, silly squeaker, a spinning mirror, beads, and more.

This toy playfully encourages visual and tactile discovery while developing fine motor coordination.



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8. Li’l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Setsensory toys for toddlers

Li’l Gen Water Beads is one of the more interesting sensory toys for toddlers.

The soft texture of the water beads, along with their slippery nature, provides a sense of comfort and relaxation to children playing. It’s a very calming toy.

Your child can mix and match using all the colors of the rainbow. The two scoopers and tweezers (included) enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to boot.



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9. Hedstrom Sensory Twistzsensory toys for toddlers

Kids have a blast playing with this sensory twistz toy while at the same time developing their fine motor skills.

The colorful, patterned balls are easy to manipulate and move around to form new shapes. This is a great intro to STEM for little ones.



10. Guidecraft 3D Feel & Find Icons Sensory toys for toddlers

The Guidecraft Feel & Find Play Set is a really fun activity for kids with fidgety hands. It’s sure to keep them busy!

Toddlers can learn about the different animals featured, while taking in the shape, color, and tactile experiences of playing with the blocks.

To up the learning fun, try mimicking the sound each animal makes while playing.



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11. Tobblessensory toys for toddlers

Tobbles are another one of our favorite sensory toys for toddlers. You can stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt, and wiggle em’…what could be more fun than that?!

Tobbles encourage creativity, sensory exploration and fine motor skill development.



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