What It Is:  An iOS and Android app for the (modern) old-fashioned coupon-clipper. SnipSnap lets you scan, save, and redeem coupons you find in newspapers or magazines right on your smartphone.

Why We Like It:  Have you ever gotten to the store only to remember you have a 25% off coupon, sitting on your desk at home? Yup, us too. SnipSnap lets you save those coupons on your phone so you don’t have to remember the paper! You simply snap a photo of a printed coupon and the app recognizes the images and turns it into a mobile-ready offer. It works for most retailers and restaurants. SnipSnap doesn’t currently support manufacturer coupons (but they’re working on adding this feature soon).

SnipSnap also lets you browse a huge database of printed coupons so you can save the ones you like. What’s even cooler? SnipSnap sends push notifications to you when your coupons are about to expire, and location-based reminders when you are in a store you have deals already saved for. You’ll never forget your coupons again. SnipSnap.