What It Is: Retail Me Not is an app that let’s you save money on stores and restaurants while you’re out shopping. The app produces online discount codes, then you simply show your phone at checkout to get the savings. You don’t have to worry about remembering a coupon, it will be right there on your phone.

Why We Like It: There are literally thousands of deals from over 50,000 retailers. The app will notify you of nearby offers while you’re out shopping, which is super convenient. You might be at the mall and the app will ping you with discounts at nearby stores or close by restaurants. If you’re out shopping already, why not take advantage of the savings?!

You can also use the ‘saving maps’ feature to view all the offers near you, anytime. Or if you’re planning a trip, you can see what discounts you can get at restaurants in the area you’ll be visiting.The app pushes the coupons directly to you, so all the merchant has to do is scan a barcode. You can save money on the go, no paper coupons required.

Try the Retail Me Not app for yourself the next time you’re out shopping.