What It Is: Flipp is an app designed to help you manage your grocery list and skip the whole coupon clipping thing. Flipp aggregates flyers from over 800 retail stores so you can view them all in one place and browse to find the best deals near you. You can also use Flipp to build and manage your weekly grocery list.

Why We Like It: Nobody likes digging through all the weekly flyers you get in the mail each week, and now you don’t have to. Use the app to view the latest flyers from stores near you, find coupons to use digitally and create a shopping list. Tapping each item in your list will also bring up coupons and local deals, so you can be sure you maximize the amount you save. Even cooler, Flipp notifies you when any coupons you’ve saved are going to expire so you can use them in time.

Flipp’s new ultimate shopping list feature is also pretty cool. You can build your list in Flipp or, get this, you can take a picture of your paper list and Flipp will create a digital version for you! Added bonus, Flipp will then scan your list and find local deals and coupons for the items on it. You can also add a “friend” to your list (i.e. spouse, nanny, etc.) and synch up so you both know what still needs to be bought and what coupons are out there. This way everyone is working from the same weekly list. Neat.

Check out the Flipp app and start saving on your groceries.