Age: 7-11 Years Old

Category: Disaster Preparedness

What It Is: Monster Guard is the first mobile app created by the American Red Cross that’s designed specifically for kids. Follow Maya, Chad, Olivia and all the monsters as they teach kids about how to prepare for real-life emergencies at home (and other environment) in a fun and engaging game. It’s available for download on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Why We Like It: This is valuable information for kids to know, particularly if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters such as tornados, floods, or earthquakes. The app teaches the science behind natural disasters along with emergency preparedness. It blends education and entertainment, which helps kids be prepared for the worst, but in a stress-free and fun manner.

Kids learn how to stay safe in a variety of emergencies and environments, and then practice what they’ve learned in a series of challenging levels. Who knows? By playing this app your kids may actually help YOU become more prepared for an emergency as well. FEMA research indicates that households where kids bring home disaster-preparedness materials are more likely to participate in safety drills and have disaster supplies on hand at home.

Get your kids prepared! Check out the Monster Guard app today.